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Artist Statement:

Through painting and drawing I aim to map real and imagined spaces, drawn from my own experiences, dreams and written work. My recent work explores spiritual practices and rituals, both local and from around the world. My work has a strong focus on the natural environment with a tangible presence of figures and animals. My inspirations come from a wide range of sources including books, found images and the landscape where I live in Scotland. Walking with my thoughts is an important part of my process.
My images are rarely planned beforehand as I prefer to react to the media and colours during the creation process. I find that mixing media excites me and I love its unpredictable and dynamic process. My practice has mostly involved waterbased media but using oils is becoming important.

Please contact me regarding commissions and work currently for sale.

All images copyright © Jenny Ross

Email: justjenny_7@hotmail.co.uk

My online shops:


Twitter: @PaperPineTree

Instagram: @jennyross_artist and @paperpinetree and @onelostdiamond

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Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/paperpinetree

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